Work permit and visa renewal remote service (with same Employer)

10th Feb 2020 - To support the government policy of prevention and control of new coronavirus, we strongly suggest our clients stay safe at home and avoid any unnecessary meeting. For the work permit and work visa renewal (continue with the same company), VisainChina can help you do everything remotely.

Something you need to know in advance, there are 2 papers you need to renew:

1. First your Foreign Work Permit (FWP) - it’s a blue card.
It needs to be renewed 30-90 days in advance. Based on the new policy, we can renew your work permit WITHOUT your original passport, so it means even you are OUTSIDE of China, we still can help you to finish this one.

2. Second your Residence Permit (RP) in your passport.
You need to be physically inside of China, and then we can renew your residence permit. The government will keep your original passport for 7-8 working days.
As soon as your FWP renewal is done, You just need to do your RP renewal 1 working day before it expires, and If you are outside of China, you can even come back later after it expires, you just need to apply a new L or M visa to enter back to China within 3 month after your RP expires, we can still change it to RP again for you (because you FWP is already done)

Tips1: If you are inside of China, and want to leave China ASAP, but don’t know when will be back, then you can do FWP renewal first (Step 1+2+3, About 3 working days), and then leave China and do the RP renewal later after virus situation passed.

Tips2: If you are outside of China, and FWP and residence permit will expire, but you don’t know when will you be back. You can contact with us to do your FWP renewal remotely, and then enter China later to do the RP renewal after the virus situation passed

Following are the procedures:

Step1: After you have everything ready, you can COLOR scan and email all the documents to your consultant

Step2: After we received your documents by email, we will check everything and make sure it’s correct. In the meanwhile, we will prepare some visa application and email to you again for your company stamp and your signature.

Step3: After you finished it, you can express back those applications (If you are outside of China, you can scan and email to us), We suggest that you can use SF express or ShanSong to deliver above Step1 + Step2 documents back to us. (You can keep your passport at your side just in case, I don’t need it now)

Step4: We will do the work permit renewal (it takes about 10-15 working days, during this period, We don’t need the original passport)

Step5: After the work permit is done, we will process the work visa for you (it takes about 7-8 working days, We will ask for the original passport from you at this step, the government will keep your passport during that time, please make sure you don’t have any international travel plan)


Because of the new policy was just implemented, inquiries increase a lot. Please communicate with us by email. we will reply you in detail and in time.

First time consulting: Please email or call us, walk-in directly is not recommend.
In the process of document submission: Better use SF express to deliver it to us instead of come in person, we need more time to check your case to make sure it will go smoothly.
Any unavoidable visit: Please make an appointment with us in advance.

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