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Some useful tips about China work visa!

1. You can renew your work permit and residence permit maximum 3 month in advance.
Your work permit and residence permit renewal will start from your current one expiring date, so no matter you do it 3 month or 1 month in advance, you will get the same result. Earlier is always better. Because if there is any policy change, you will have enough time to adjust your application.
VisaInChina suggests you:
A: Check your work permit (a blue card, scan the Q-code on it) and your visa valid date. Set up an alarm in your mobile to remind you do the renewal 3 month in advance.
B: Check your passport expiring date, if it’s expiring less than 6 month, please start to renew your passport since it takes longer than before.

2. If you are holding a work permit and residence permit, then your company do need to declare your salary and help you pay your income tax. Especially:
For Class A3 – salary over 600,000RMB/year. Please make sure you declare your salary over 50,000RMB/month average. – Government 100% check
For Class B2 – salary over 400,000RMB/year. Please make sure you declare your salary over 33,000RMB/month average. – Government 100% check
For Class B4 – using score system to reach 60 scores, you get how many scores from your salary, then you need to declare that kind of amount. – Government 100% check
For the rest of Classes, for example, Class B1 – bachelor with 2 years working experience, you still need to declare your income and pay your income tax accordingly. The government will random check it.
For owner/shareholder of the company, you also need to declare your salary, even your income is very little at beginning in a startup company. For example:
Declare 5000RMB/month salary = 0 tax. -RIGHT way.
Don’t declare your salary or declare your salary is 0. -WRONG way.

3. If you want to switch job, and transfer your work permit and residence permit from company A to company B. Please confirm following things in advance:
A: Your personal documents (for example, the bachelor degree and authentication, the reference letter and police clearance) is already in the government foreign work permit (FWP) system.
B: Company A will cancel your work permit properly.
C: Company B has already opened their company account in the FWP system.
D: DO NOT change your working experience or job title arbitrarily, it’s all recorded in the system already.

Because if you quit company A, normally, they will cancel your residence permit and give you a 1 month stay permit - T visa (when you get it, it’s only about 20 days remaining). Any mistake will cause your new work permit application getting delay, and it means your onboard date will be delay. Confirm above things in advance will make sure your application goes smoothly.

4. To apply China work permit, There are many classes (A1-A6, B1-B4, C1-C3) you can choose, all roads lead to Rome. Please find the way that suits you.
VisaInChina Suggestion: You can go to our official WeChat, click the <Services> - <FWP ABC Criteria> to find all detail introductions of those classes. It’s in English & Chinese, easy to share with your company HR.

5. You need to update your registration form of temporary residence only if you moved your home address or you have a new passport.
If home address and passport number has no change, you can keep using your old one.
By the way, you can do the registration online:

6. You need to provide a white background photo taken within the last 6 months.
There is PHOTO-ME machine in every metro station, you can take the photo there. Please choose <Visa Photos> - <Chinese Passport size>

7. After you submit your passport to apply your new visa, the government will provide you a receipt. You can use that receipt to travel inside of China or Check in the hotel.
VisaInChina Suggestion: If you go to Beijing with that receipt, please be sure you will leave Beijing before the collection date.
If you go to other cities, stay a bit longer than the collection date is not a big deal.


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First time consulting: Please email or call us, walk-in directly is not recommend.
In the process of document submission: Better use SF express to deliver it to us instead of come in person, we need more time to check your case to make sure it will go smoothly.
Any unavoidable visit: Please make an appointment with us in advance.

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