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Visa advice for the owner (shareholder) of the company in shanghai:

1st March 2021 - Like everybody knows, shanghai government welcome legitimate foreign investment here, and they encourage expats establish their own business. If you are the owner (shareholder) of the WFOE, you can apply the China work permit and work visa with less paperwork (especially without the bachelor degree or the working experience, and also no age limit), but when you renew your work permit and visa as shareholder, they will check your company income (to make sure that your WFOE is running for real business but not only for a visa sponsorship), based on the new rule published on 1st March 2021 in shanghai (see following screenshot):

When you renew your work permit and visa as shareholder, government will first check:

If your company has a physical/real office address or not? (provide office rental contract, office photos etc. to prove it)

If the answer is YES, then you can provide following A+B as supplement.
If the answer is NO, then you have to provide all of following documents (or even more) as supplement

A. Company operating status (like your business introduction and structure)
B. Taxes (Enterprise VAT tax receipt, or the Invoices (Fapiao) record which your company issued to your clients)
C. Company Chinese employee's social security payment receipt

Some FAQs of the work permit & visa rules for company owner (shareholder):

Q1: I have my startup company (newly registered), and I don't have above any of supplement A,B and C, can I still get my work permit and work visa?
A: Yes, at the beginning, the government will give you 6 month work permit and visa. When you want to renew it after 6 month, you have to follow above rules to provide supplements.

Q2: My WFOE is very small, I don't have the Chinese Employee, but I run the company for real business, will that affect my work permit and visa renewal?
A: If your company has the physical/real office address, plus supplement A+B, it's also ok.

Q3: I registered my WFOE with a virtual address and I don't really have an office address, I always work at home, will that be a problem for my work permit and visa renewal?
A: Yes, then they will check it very strictly, and you have to provide supplement A+B+C.

Q4: How long period tax receipt or invoices record the government would like to check?
A: For the past 12 months.

Q5: My client pay me through Wechat / Alipay, they never ask for a Fapiao. What should I do?
A: You should issue the invoice (even they don't ask for), and declare the income legally. So your company will then have the official invoice record.

Q6: Is there a minimum amount of monthly income my company need to reach to have my work permit and visa renewed?
A: Until now, it's no limitation of that. But for sure, the income should be reasonable to cover your company expense.

Q7: Can I just issue some invoices when I am doing my work permit and visa renewal?
A: No, if all invoices date is close to the date when you submit your work permit application, the government will not consider it's true, please don't play game with government.


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