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Introduction about how to apply the the PU letter in Shanghai:

31st July 2020 - Since the Chinese government announced the "Temporarily Ban Policy" on 28th March 2020, if foreigner wants to come to China now, you need to apply a new visa in the Chinese Consulate/Embassy, only you have a new visa issued after 28th March, then you can enter China. If you want to apply a new visa now, you need to provide a < PU Letter > (Click to see the sample) which issued by the China Foreign Afair Office (FAO). Following are the introduction about how to apply the the PU letter in Shanghai:


  1. Application Letter from the Shanghai inviting company (Foreign Affair Office - FAO will provide the template). If the company invite foreigner's family members directly, they need to specify detail background of the company and foreigner, and the necessity of inviting his/her family members to China.
  2. Application form (FAO will provide the template).
  3. Foreign applicant information summary table (FAO will provide the template).
  4. Foreign applicant's passport scan copy (the passport must be valid over 6 months)
  5. If the application including family member, please provide the family relationship certificate ( for example, marriage certificate or birth certificate of child, if it's not in English, then a Chinese translation is necessary)
  6. Shanghai inviting company's background table (FAO will provide the template).
  7. Other documents deemed necessary by the FAO (Please check with your local district FAO)


  1. After completing the materials as required, Email them to the responsible person of the District FAO.
  2. The FAO of the district will call to verify the background of the company and the foreigners
  3. The district FAO will transfer the materials to the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office after the first reading.
  4. Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will make a final decision.

Telephone of FAO in each district of Shanghai:

PuDong: 28282640 JinShan: 57921316
HongKou: 25658888 PuTuo: 52564588*7032
ChongMing: 59612211 JingAn: 33371830
QingPu: 69733065 MinHang: 33885231
JiaDing: 69989128 HuangPu: 33134800*31086
ChangNing: 22051409 FengXian: 67184258
SongJiang:37735271 YangPu: 25033655
Bao Shan: 56131350 Xu Hui: 64872222


Because of the new policy was just implemented, inquiries increase a lot. Please communicate with us by email. we will reply you in detail and in time.

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Any unavoidable visit: Please make an appointment with us in advance.

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