It has been 3 month since the Chinese government announced the "Temporarily Ban Policy" on 28th March 2020, below we have listed some Q&A that hopefully can help you clarify the policy and also including of some advice from VisaInChina - Phase II

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Q1: Do you know when this "Ban policy" will be lifted?
A: No, until now, it's no any official news about when this "ban policy" will be lifted, but if we see the serious attitude of the Chinese government how they fight the COVID-19, We estimate this "Ban policy" will still last for a while. Anyway, please follow our wechat, VisaInChina will keep you informed.

Q2: Since COVID-19 is under control now in China, What about the 60 days automatically extension policy, still available?
A: Yes, up to now, the 60 days automatically policy is still available.

Q3: A lot of Chinese Consulate was reopen, but if I want to apply a brand new Chinese visa, I need to show them a <PU invitation letter>, How can I get that?
A: We had an article before about how to apply that, you can check it here >>

Q4: If the company apply that <PU invitation letter> in shanghai, any experience VisaInChina can share?
A: Different company has different situation, for my experience, first of all, Big person (F.E. CEO) or Technical staff or Engineering staff has better chance. They also need to explain why they need to be here personally. And second, for those expat come from the country who has the "fast track" agreement with China (F.E. Korea, Japan, Singapore, German etc.) has better chance.

Q5: My work permit has already renewed for another year, if I got the <PU invitation letter> and obtained the business M visa and come to Shanghai now, can I change that M visa back to residence permit?
A: Based on the update policy, Yes, you can.

Q6: I entered China on 10th March 2020, with a 1 year Multi-entries business M visa, each entry 60 days. Plus 60 days automatically extension, I am allowed to stay till 9th July, but I still can not get any flight to leave China, What can I do?
A: You can go to the shanghai entry-exit bureau (No.1500 Min Sheng road, PuDong, Tel: 28951900) and apply the M visa extension or humanitarian visa, for example, you can’t get the plane ticket to leave China now, the officer there might consider it and give you another 30 days extra stay.

Q7: Will they cancel my 1 year Multi-entries visa if I apply an extension or humanitarian visa (above Q6 way)?
A: Based on the update policy, No, they will NOT cancel your valid 1 year multi-entries visa. But we still suggest you to confirm that before you apply the extension or humanitarian visa.

Q8: My work permit and my work visa will expires soon, I want to renew it, but I am outside of China now, what can I do?
A: You can do the work permit renewal remotely even you are outside of China. As soon as your work permit renewed, then it's no time pressure for you. even your work visa expired, you can apply a new business visa after the "Ban policy" lifted and come back to China, we can easily change that business visa to the work visa again here in shanghai. More details, you can check our article here >>

Q9: I am in China now, I got my working visa renewed for another year till July 2021, and this new visa issued at 10th Jun. Since this visa is issued after the "Ban policy", can I use it to leave China and come back?
A: No, after we confirmed with the Shanghai custom, only the visa issued outside of China (in the Chinese consulate outside of mainland China) after 28th March 2020 which can be used to enter China. The visa renewed you got inside of China, if you leave the country, you still can’t come back.


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