10 new measures announced by China NIA (National Immigration Administration)

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1st March 2020 -10 new China visa measures announced by China NIA (National Immigration Administration), especially during the control period of 2019-nCoV. (Please check the following image for details). But rule is rule, most of foreigners are concerning about how to understand those rules in practice in shanghai, and which benefit they can get? So VisaInChina listed some Q&A (for those rules which is concerned by most of foreign expats) to help you understand it.

Measure2 : During coronavirus control period, for those expats who continue to engage in innovation, entrepreneurship, working or scientific research in China, their visas or residence permits will be extended automatically for 2 months after it expiring, and they can leave China without any problem during those 2 month extension period.

Question: I have a tourist visa in China, my visa expires soon on 20th March 2020, can I have that 60 days extension automatically?
Answer: Yes, update from 4th March, during coronavirus control period, any kind of visa was count, so it will be extended automatically for 60 days.

Question: I have a work permit and work residence permit which expires on 20th March 2020, can I wait until 20th May 2020 to do the extension of my work permit and work visa?
Answer: No, this new measure is not affect your work permit renewal, if your work permit expired, you have to start a brand new work permit application again instead of renewing (which is very complicate paperwork again).

Question: I have my work permit renewed already for 1 year till 20th March 2021 and my work residence permit will expire on 20th March 2020, can I wait until 20th May 2020 to do the extension of my work visa so that I can have my visa from 20th May 2020 to 20th May 2021 (2 month more)?
Answer: No, the work visa length is always the same as the work permit length, so the final work visa you will get is always till 20th March 2021, so no any benefit for you to overstay your residence permit.

Question: I will stop working with my employer on 20th March 2020, and my work residence permit expires on 30th March, I plan to leave China permanently on 20th April, can I?
Answer: Yes, you can, based on this measure, if you leave the country within 60 days after your current residence permit expiring, it's no problem at the airport at all.


Measure3 : During coronavirus control period, for expat who has a valid business trading M visa or culture visiting F visa (but no more entries). If you still need to leave China and come back for trading business or culture activities, you can add 1 extra entry at the visa office in advance, so it's no need for you to apply a new visa again from outside of China.
For expat overseas who has a China residence permit expired already, they can apply a landing visa at the air-port in China.

Question: I have my work permit renewed for 1 year till 20th Feb 2021, but I am overseas now and my residence permit is already expired on 20th Feb 2020, can I come to Shanghai in April and apply a landing visa directly at the Pudong air-port?
Answer: Not really, in practice, if you want to apply a landing visa, your employer in shanghai needs to contact with the landing visa office at the Pudong air-port and apply an <official landing visa confirmation letter>, with this letter, then you can apply the landing visa.
So we don't think this way will save any effort for you, the best option for you is still apply a new L, M or Z visa in the Chinese Consulate in your home country and come to China, since your work permit is already renewed, as soon as you entered China with a new visa, VisaInChina can still change it back to work residence permit for you.


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